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About Anime-asia
Anime-asia is a website full of anime fun..My website also has images of your favorite animes..I will always put new things for you to browse on..I will put on some fun facts about Fruits Basket, Chobits, Get Backers,etc..Thank you for your support for browsing on my website..It relly means much to me...

Hey want to send me some request,suggestions,drawings of your fave animes,picture of your fave animes just click on my email address down below and send it to me..

Oh and if your going to send me pictures or drawings place your name before your picture so I can place your name to at the website..^_^

Want to subit your website to me so I can post here just email me with a subject containing website on it and i will post your website in no time...
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Thank you for visiting anime-asia..

Fruits Basket
hey look at this cool picture of fruits basket

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