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Detective School Q
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Detective School Q

Detective School Q is a ver interesting anime because it is full of new adventures.The Main Chracters of the anime is Kyu,Meg,Kinta,Kauzuma and Ryu...

Kyu dreams of becoming the worlds greatest detective, He got himself an oppurtunity to enroll himself at DDS (Dans Detective School) This school is very famous.And there he meets some new friends who are Meg,Kazuma,Kinta.Meg is a girl who has photographic memories, that means that you can remember all the things you see in just one look in the eye..Kazuma is a little boy who is an expert at computers, he can analyze things, research, Kazuma is very helpfull to the clas Q, Kinta is a boy who is very strong, sometimes he can be smart , but sometimes he can be a little dumb..and now last but not the least Kyu, Kyu is a boy who has a very outstanding humor, he is smart, he also has a great personality.THen one day they find a boy named Ryu, Ryu is really a mysterious bot, he is always serious on all the things he do..

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