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Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket

Info's and pictures of Fruits Basket

Name: Akito Sohma
Age: 16-19?
Height: 163.8
Weight: 43kg
Bloodtype: AB
Sign: Cancer
Animal: Doesn't Have One
Occupation: Head of the Sohma Family
Akito Sohma is the leader of the Sohma family. It is only after assurance from Shigure that Tohru can be trusted with the family secret that she is allowed to stay. Akito has no choice but to order Tohru’s memory erased should she fail to uphold her end of the bargain. Most of the Sohma family is afraid of Akito and will follow his orders no matter what their personal feelings may be.

Name: Ayame Sohma
Age: 27
Height: 175
Weight: 63kg
Bloodtype: O
Sign: Sagittarius
Animal: Snake
Occupation: Tailor and Store Owner
Ayame is the loud, egotistical, and over-dramatic member of the Sohma family. He is also Yuki’s older brother. One of the oldest cursed members of the family, the flirtatious Ayame was born in the year of the snake.

Name: Saki Hanajima, "Hana-chan"
Age: 16-17
Height: 162
Weight: 52kg
Bloodtype: AB
Sign: Aries
Occupation: Sophmore at Kaibara High School
Hana is very protective of her friends, especially Tohru. Hana has an electromagnetic power that allows her to sense the good and evil in people as well as the ability to see their auras. On top of this strange ability, her rather gothic demeanor scares many of the students at her school.

Name: Hatori Sohma
Age: 27
Height: 182
Weight: 69kg
Bloodtype: A
Sign: Cancer
Animal: Dragon
Occupation: Doctor
When Akito decides that a person is to have their memory erased in order to protect the Sohma secret, Hatori is the man to do it. The Sohma curse has caused Hatori much pain in the past and only wishes that anyone outside the family stay away from the secret that could ruin their life. Naturally suspicious of others, Hatori’s zodiac animal is the dragon (seahorse).

Name: Hatushara Sohma "Haru"
Age: 15-16
Height: 170.2
Weight: 57.5kg
Bloodtype: O
Sign: Cancer
Animal: Cow
Occupation: Freshman at Kaibara High School
Often called Haru, Hatsuharu’s Zodiac animal is the cow. Hatsuharu and Kyo have been rivals for a long time due in large part to Haru’s split personality. His darker side, often called Black-Haru changes the usually stone faced boy into a vengeful, raging madman.

Name: Hiro Sohma
Age: 11-12
Height: 150
Weight: 38kg
Bloodtype: AB
Sign: Leo
Animal: Sheep
Occupation: Sixth Grader in Elementary School
Hiro Sohma certainly lacks nothing in the way of self-confidence. He is in many ways the opposite of Kisa, with whom he feels a strong bond. Pessimistic and sarcastic, Hiro is represented by the sheep.

Name: Kagura Sohma
Age: 18-19
Height: 160.5
Weight: 51kg
Bloodtype: B
Sign: Cancer
Animal: Boar
Occupation: Freshman at a Womens' College
A few years older than Tohru, Kagura violently declares her love for Kyo. Usually sweet and caring, Kagura is quick to snap Kyo back in line. She believes they are meant for each other because they do not transform into their Zodiac animals when they embrace. That, and the fact that she threatened Kyo with death if he did not agree to the bargain.

Name: Kisa Sohma
Age: 12-13
Height: 145
Weight: 32kg
Bloodtype: A
Sign: Pisces
Animal: Tiger
Occupation: Freshman in Junior High School
Kisa’s zodiac animal is the tiger. She is unusually shy and self-conscious for her age, 12, because of constant teasing by her classmates. Kisa has a very good relationship with her mother, who is very supportive of her daughter’s situation.

Name: Kyo Sohma
Age: 16-17
Height: 171.3
Weight: 54kg
Bloodtype: A
Sign: Capricorn
Animal: Cat
Occupation: Sophmore at Kaibara High School
Kyo spent months perfecting his martial arts skills desiring to finally defeat Yuki, a goal that consumes him like noting else. A member of the Sohma clan, Kyo too transforms into an animal—the cat. The difference is that the cat is left out of the Chinese Zodiac. He is foul tempered, brash, rough, and rude, but deep down some believe he is not as bad as he pretends to be

Name: Momiji Sohma
Age: 15-16
Height: 155.8
Weight: 47.5kg
Bloodtype: O
Sign: Pisces
Animal: Rabbit
Occupation: Freshman at Kaibara High School
Momiji Sohma is the rabbit of the Sohma family. He instantly likes Tohru and is very happy that she knows their family secret. Momiji is gentle and playful, and is always ready to offer a kind word. Momiji lives with an incredible secret even more amazing than his family’s curse. Momiji accepts his fate and vows to always remember everyone who has touched his life.

Name: Ritsu Sohma
Age: 20-21
Height: 174.3
Weight: 59kg
Bloodtype: AB
Sign: Capricorn
Animal: Monkey
Occupation: Junior at a University
Ritsu dresses in women’s clothing to cover up his own feelings of inadequacy. He feels that he is not particularly bright, strong, or athletic, and is therefore a disappointment to his family. Ritsu was born in the year of the monkey.

Name: Shigure Sohma
Age: 27
Height: 178
Weight: 68.5kg
Bloodtype: AB
Sign: Scorpio
Animal: Dog
Occupation: Novelist
At 27 years old, Shigure is one of the oldest members of the Sohma family. A writer, Shigure is an easy going, all around nice guy who enjoys interacting in the lives of his younger family members. Born in the year of the dog, Shigure is always smiling, kidding around, and offering advice in his own unique way. He is a good listener with a keen sense of right and wrong. Shigure is able to keep the most private of secrets, and will never let anyone down.

Name: Tohru Honda
Age: 16-17
Height: 156.7
Weight: 46kg
Bloodtype: O
Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Sophmore at Kaibara High School
16-year-old Tohru Honda’s life seems to get stranger and stranger. After a string of tragic and bizarre circumstances, Tohru found herself working as a housekeeper for the Sohma family. Tohru’s generous nature, sympathetic heart, and friendly manner are in stark contrast to the prevailing mood in the Sohma House. Her calm, caring compassion is obvious as she kindly puts everyone else’s needs above her own.

Name: Ansa Uotani, "Uo-chan"
Age: 16-17
Height: 168.5
Weight: 47kg
Bloodtype: O
Sign: Aquarius
Occupation: Sophmore at Kaibara High School
Uo is best friends with Hana and Tohru. Kyoko Honda, Tohru’s mother, influenced Uo to give up her life as a member of an all girl gang. Since then Uo has been very protective of Tohru. Her tough attitude and intimidating exterior serves to mislead many, but her close friends know that she is kind hearted and generous.

Name: Yuki Sohma
Age: 16-17
Height: 170.5
Weight: 54kg
Bloodtype: A
Sign: Virgo
Animal: Rat
Occupation: Sophmore at Kaibara High School
Yuki, the “Prince of Kaiwaia High” is attractive and popular. So popular, in fact, that he has his own fan club run by girls of the high school. But he does not let any girl get close to him, and for good reason. Clever and quick witted, Yuki's natural charm and sharp, witty demeanor make him an appealing friend. Ever curious, Yuki welcomes a challenge. Born on the year in the rat, Yuki's biggest rival is Kyo (the cat).

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