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Get Backers
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Fruits Basket

Get Backers

Hey..wazzup..You guyz check out a quick glimpse on our get backers pictures,info's,and other fun stuffs you would like to know about Get Backers.

Hey here are some cool new pictures of Get Backers hope you like it...

Info's of Ban

Name : Midou Ban
(Ginji calls him Ban-chan)
(Do not ask me why the name is spaced out)
Some book translate his name as Mitoban
Age : 19
Sex : Male
Height : 175 cm (boy u're short! n i thought u're tall)
Weight : 58 kg (emm.. aren't you kinda underweight?)
Otanjoubi : 17th December
Bloodtype : B (Hey, i'm a B as well!)

Has a Jagan [Evil Eye] that will
either gift you with one minute
of pleasurable dream or one minute
of hell's face. Snakebite is another one of his deadly attacks.
A dangerous person!

He's a quarter German (explains the blue eyes, ne?) He claims to be the strongest person in the world *cough cough*.

From the looks of it, he's the main character here. All the other characters in the book don't quite fancy his first impression (nothing's truer) Does things which ever his heart says yes to, and likes to tease girl's...breast hehe..*cough... hevn... cough*.

He's very skillful in fighting and his brain's as sly as a fox's. Has and ego as big as the universe, PU-RA-I-DO o TAKAI yo ne!

MAKUBEX n Sakura loves him as he can be a pretty good violnist... *drools*

Info's of Ginji
Name : Amano Ginji
Age : 19
Sex : Male
Height : 176 cm
Weight : 62kg (Ginji, give some food to poor Ban-chan)
Otanjoubi : 19th April
Bloodtype : O

Was once a leader to a teenage ganster group in Shinjuku; the "Ura Shinjuku"group. Leader of Volt. Also the Head of the Four Leaders.
His body creates electrical impulses that can be multiplied into millions of volts worth of energy. A dangerous person!

Grew up in the MUGENJOU (infinity district). Claims to be the warrior with the heart of gold (sounds familiar). Loves to tackle girls *cough cough* but for his lifestyle made him someone that a girl doesn't like to be with.

He acts likes Ban's slave *coughs louder* He loves FOOD! *any donations? ANYONE?*

Name : Hevn (code name)
Age : 21
Sex : Female
Otanjoubi : 23rd September
Height : 162 cm
Weight : 52 kg
3 sizes : B 97 W 58 H 89
Bloodtype : AB
Weapon : - (Who cares about weapons when u have that kind of a body!!)

A girl who is always up to business that accidentally ends up with the word "t-r-o-u-b-l-e". So, basically. she's the GB trouble maker. But she gives them jobs...

Lures Ban and Ginji into trusting her for her latest business which costs more than thousands and thousands of yen.

Name : Natsumi Mizuki
Age : 16
Sex : Female
Otanjoubi : 23rd August
Height : 153 cm
Weight : 45 kg
3 sizes : B 72 W 55 H 76
Bloodtype : O
Weapon : - (What does she need a weapon for, she doesn't fight)

A girl who is newly employed by Wan Pore. She doesn't know much about Ban and Ginji but seems to have a liking towards Ginji.

A tough hearted girl with big ambitions. Actually has nothing to do with Ban and Ginji. But she will help the two maybe because of the liking she has towards Ginji.

Claims to be a genius in arts, a very hardworking girls though.

Name : Wan Pore
Age : 35
Sex : Male
Otanjoubi : 14th April
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 75 kg
Bloodtype : A
Weapon : - (What's he gonna use weapons for? Kill his customers?)

The owner of the Honky Tonk cafe. A nice quiet guy which has a lot of experience in the Shinjuku district.

He actually doesn't have anything to do with Ban or Ginji's business. But thanks to Hevn, he's involved as well.

Name : Kudou Himiko
Pun Name : Lady Poison
Age : 16
Sex : Female
Otanjoubi : 10th February
Height : 152 cm
Weight : 48 kg
3 sizes : B 82 W 51 H 83
Bloodtype : B
Weapon : 7 Poison Perfumes

Ban's old friend. After granting her brother's wish to die, he left her so she could find a new way in life. Who knows she still is the naughty girl he knew.

Hates Ban because she thought he killed her brother for no good reason. Wants to kill him at first but soon realise that Ban had to do what he had to do.

She uses her 6 of her normal perfumes for battle, but the 7th had to be used when fighting the the Mugenjou.

Name : Akapane Kuroudo
Pun Name : Dr. Jackal
Age : ??
Otanjoubi : 23rd November
Sex : Male
Bloodtype : AB
Height : 186 cm
Weight : ??
Weapon : Operation Knives

Himiko's ally at first. But he left the group after a good fight with Ginji. Fancies a fight with Ban but never gets it. Claims to be the same species with Ban. The "I-Love-The-Smell-Of-Fresh-Blood" species.

Soon joins the gang for bigger operations. Gives Ginji a bad impression by his impatient attitude and a certain liking of slicing everything up with his knifes.

Takes care of Ginji in book 6, but because Ginji's scared of him, Ginji keep runing from him and he keeps appearing at the back of Ginji. God knows how...

He's weird. He loves killing. He has 108 weapons, all neatly kept IN his body. Lately, he's really interested in Ginji. His intentions and mind is unpredictable...

Everytime he appears, his hair and coat seems to grow longer n longer...

Name : Maguruma Gouzou
Pun Name : Mr. No-Brake
Age : ??
Sex : Male
Weapon : None. Only drives like a pro!

Himiko's ally. Drives taxi for a living. A very very good driver.

Name : Fuuchiyouin Kazuki
(Ginji calls him Kazu-chan)
Pun Name : "Ito" no Kazuki
Age : 20
Sex : Male (Yes! A MALE!)
Otanjoubi : 1st January
Bloodtype : AB
Height : 176 cm
Weight : 59 kg
( Ban n him can be admitted to hospital for aneroxic reasons)
Weapons : Wires

One of the four Leaders of Ura Shinjuku. Ginji's loyal follower. Insists that the "Ura Shinjuku' exists for a good cause. Gets angry when his underlings don't obey the 'basic rules'.

Observe the bells on his hair. When close to the ear, he can listen to something far away as the sounds travels from his wire and aplify at the bells. Likes to annoy Ban somehow.

Looks can be deceiving. Yes, he looks really bishounen, but don't get him angry... A really shy person... doesn't like to talk about himself... ANyway he's getting more and more boyish nowadays.. *cough*

Becoz of him, all of the girls in the manga looks waaaay weird... hahaha!!

Name : Radou Ren
Age : 13
Sex : Female
Otanjoubi : 18th December
Bloodtype : ??
Height : 150 cm
Weight : 43 kg
3 sizes : B 71 W 50 H 72
Weapons : none

The girl who saved Kazuki when he was injured in vol.6. She also thought Kazuki was a girl. She kissed Kazuki (medical purposes, coz Kazuki can't swallow the medicine himself)

But I think she like Kazuki, and owes Kazuki a cup of tea as Kazuki made a promise for the girl to come back. She lives in the Mugenjou with her grandfather who opens a medicine shop. She seemed to be pretty cuteamong the boys in Mugenjou and wanted her for a one-night-stand.

Her ambition is to join VOLTS and hope that she could be friends with the four leaders. (Don't you think you got that already, girl?) Hates Emishi.
p/s : and i thought you were a boy!!!

Name : Radou Gensui
Age : 64
Sex : Male
Otanjoubi : 20th January
Bloodtype : ??
Height : 153 cm
Weight : 78 kg
Weapons : none?? Very good in computers and medicine.

Ren-chan's granfather. Helps the group by providing them with information against Makubex like maps and so on. Has a hidden agenda.

Took care of Makubex when he was young. Sort of like Makubex's Mentor of some sort.

Name : Fuyuki Shido
Pun Name : Beast Master
Age : 21
Otanjoubi : 12th August
Sex : Male
Height : 182 cm
Weight : 72 kg
Bloodtype : A
Weapons : Controls any animals with his whistle

One of the four leaders of Ura Shinjuku. Respects Ginji, in his own way though. Ban's arch rival, emm... not really (If you know Yuu Yuu Hakusho, think Hiei and Kuwabara). They both hate and irritates each other).

Calls Ban by his full-name, Midou Ban and makes Ban angry with it. He insist on killing Ban one way or another. But it's all in the mouth. He never succeeded. He is the cause of Ban's misunderstanding with Ginji in vol 4. Good thing Ban always has a softer side for Ginji and forgave him.

One of the few Mariudo people left. He fights with the power of animals and also by trancing aniimal sprit into himself. He's the ONLY person in here with a girlfriend, Madoka-chan ^_^ He's very responsible and dependable, eventhough he looks like some teenage ganster with a social problem.

He's getting matured now anyway... hehe

Name : Otawa Madoka
Age : 17
Sex : Female
Otanjoubi : 2nd November
Bloodtype : ??
Height : 155 cm
Weight : 46 kg
Weapons : none. But plays violin really well...
3 sizes : B 79 W 56 H 78

Ablind girl but a genius violinist. Owns a Stradivarius Violin. travels around to perform around the world. Rich. Shido's lover (?) haha... Has a dog name Mozart.

Name : Shuu
Age : ??
Sex : Male

One of Ginji's loyal followers. Was so happy to see Ginji, Shido and Kazuki because he thought that Ginji had came back to the "Ura Shinjuku". He lasted for 13 pages after the "Manji" brother's killed him and enraged Ginji.

Ban was... annoyed? *shrugs* when Ginji introduced Shuu to him. Why? Ginji was hugging the boy for old time's sake and Ban hit him. *jealous maybe*

Name : Hishiki Ryuudou
Pun Name : Undead
Age : ??
Sex : Male

The bodyguard that seems to appear everytime to attack Ginji. Was finally killed by Ginji's Thunder Attack (which nearly drain his life as well) in vol. four.

Name : Makube X (X is because he was found in the Mugenjou when he was a baby with only his surname, Makube and no first name)
Pun Name : Makubex
Age : 14
Sex : Male
Otanjoubi : 1st November
Bloodtype : ??
Height : 160 cm
Weight : 52 kg
Weapons : Computer manipulation of organic being

Yah! the most kawaii-hito here!! He's actually not that bad, he's just curious at how far could his computer manipulation system works, and who's better to test on other than Ban? haha... Calculations...answer... argh!!! he's a complicated lil bastard!

He's the one of the Leader of Volts. yes, this small kawaii-ko. But his computing skills worth three hundred of you... (hey he even sleeps on a mountain of computers... Literally a genius, but his feelings are unstable.

After loosing to Ginji in the last fight in Mugenjou, he wanted to commit suicide but Ginji saved him. He basically treats Sakura as a slave. Spoiled brat...

Name : Kakei Sakura
Age : 23
Sex : Female
Otanjoubi : 21st July
Bloodtype : ??
Height : 169 cm
Weight : 56 kg
Weapons : none??
3 sizes : B 86 W 52 H 86

Somewhat acts like Makubex's caretaker... hehe. She's really nice. Kakei Jyube's older sis.

Name : Kakei Jyuubee
Sex : MaleName : Kakei Sakura
Age : 21
Sex : Male
Otanjoubi : 21st August
Bloodtype : ??
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 56 kg
Weapons : none??
Weapon : "Flying Needles"

One of Makubex's ELITE forces. It seems that Kazuki used to be his 'best friend' and he felt betrayed that Kazuki left. So he joined Makubex and tries to fight and kill Kazuki but was defeated.

Kazuki didn't like the idea of killing his best friend but couldn't help but saving his own life. His own flying needles injured Kakei to the extend of falling limp on the ground. Kazuki thought he was dead so he went up to him and hugged him crying his name out loud, finding out later that he was just unconscious.

Sorry guys, but i smell a thick smoke of YAOI here.
It's a childhood thing...

Name : Emishi Haruki
Pun Name : Joker Sanpuraza Emishi
Sex : Male
Age : 20
Otanjoubi : 16th May
Bloodtype : O
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 70 kg
Weapon : Whip

A pretty cute fellow. He makes shitty jokes and plays a fool a lot. He's one of Makubex's ELITE forces.

Name : Fudou Takuma
Sex : Male
Age : 28
Otanjoubi : 28th November
Bloodtype : AB
Height : 195 cm
Weight : 120 kg
Weapon : Half of his body is made out of steel transplants. (Is that not enough??)

One of Makubex's ELITE force. He had once battled with Ban long time ago. Ban lost but he didn't want to admit, so I guess it was a draw.

Name : Kagami Kyouji
Sex : Male
Age : 21
Otanjoubi : 13th October
Bloodtype : ??
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 78 kg
Weapons : none??
Weapon : Glass bits, Diamond Dust

A new member of Makube'x ELITE force. Seemed to enter Mugenjou after Ginji has moved out coz he doesn't know him. He's pretty conserved.

Seemed to be somehow connected to Ren-chan... hummm...

Name : Teshimine Takeru
Age : 29
Sex : Male
Otanjoubi : 4th April
Bloodtype : ??
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 85 kg
Weapons : ??

Master of Mugenjyou. Ginji's foster brother. The person who took in Makubex 10 years ago. Must be a really cool person.


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